SlimeVR Wrangler

This guide will help you install and use SlimeVR Wrangler, which allows the use of Nintendo Switch Joycons as SlimeVR trackers.

Screenshot of the app running and tracking a single Joy-Con


You need bluetooth on your computer.


Keep the joystick pointed outwards, it should not poke into your skin.

After connecting the Joy-Con's in the program, rotate them in the program to be the same rotation as they are if you are standing up.

Attach the Joy-Con's in the direction that works best for you, refer to the page on putting on your trackers for mounting position and tracker assignment.


Many! This is an alpha version, and there's no guarantees about anything.

  • Rotation tracking is bad! - Yup, sorry. In the future there will be settings to help fine tune the tracking. It's recommended to set a keybinding to reset.
  • It stops tracking when I turn around! - Bluetooth does not have a good range, you might have better luck with a different bluetooth adapter.
  • Probably more.

My Joy-Con's are connected in the Windows bluetooth menu but won't show up!

This is a problem that might be related to a newer Windows update. Try this, and it might fix it:

  • Go to the Windows Setting app -> Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Press on the Joy-Con that won't connect. Press "Remove device".
  • Pair the device again. It should now show up.

Created by Carl (, edited by NWB#5135