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owoTrack app

owoTrack is a mobile application that can be used for VR tracking using your phone. The application uses SlimeVR Server for tracking. To set up SlimeVR Server, refer to SlimeVR setup guide.

If you’re using trackers/phones with owoTrack app for tracking, there is minimum amount of 5 trackers/phones for full body tracking. One phone can be used if you want only waist tracking. Waist tracking can also work with owoTrack SteamVR driver, without SlimeVR.

Your PC and trackers/phones should connected to the same local network.

Table of contents

You can download the Android version of application from Google Play:

To download the iOS version of application:

  1. Install the TestFlight application on your iPhone.
  2. Open the following link from your iPhone:

Created by @ferdimarti#2111


How many trackers or phones do I need to use for leg tracking?

​5 trackers.

​You can use Waist+Legs mode or Waist+Knees+Legs mode, but both modes require 5 trackers/phones.

​These modes only change amount of virtual vive trackers, created by SlimeVR.

​Waist+Legs create 3 virtual trackers suitable for VRChat.

​Waist+Knees+Legs create 5 virtual trackers for NeosVR for example.

With 6 trackers, you can also track your chest for better sitting accuracy and it allows you to enable one of the following modes:

  1. Waist+Legs+Chest mode for 4 virtual trackers.
  2. Waist+Legs+Chest+Knees mode for 6 virtual trackers.

I heard I could use 3 phones for leg tracking

You can’t. You will have a bad time, and that’s not our fault. Your knees won’t bend and it’s overall worst experience. Required minimum is 5.

I have only one/two phones

​You can use official owoTrack driver for waist or SlimeVR Server for waist (+ chest if you have 2 phones). This will not track your legs.

I try to run SlimeVR Server by clicking run.bat but nothing happens. Why?

​You need to install Java in order to run SlimeVR Server. To download Java installer, visit Java download page.

​For more information, refer to SlimeVR setup guide.

My trackers are connected to the SlimeVR Server, but they are not moving in SteamVR

​Make sure you have the correct roles selected in the SlimeVR Server for your trackers/phones. They should be Waist, Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Ankle and Right Ankle.

To learn how to set up tracker roles, refer to SlimeVR setup guide.

My controller is a tracker. How do I fix this?

​You need to assign roles to your trackers in SteamVR:

  1. In SteamVR, go to Settings > Devices > Manage Trackers.
  2. In the tracker list, find the ones named /devices/SlimeVR/SlimeVRTracker# and give them the roles WAIST, LEFT_FOOT, RIGHT_FOOT from top to bottom.
  3. Restart SteamVR.

To learn how to set up tracker roles, refer to SlimeVR setup guide.

In what order should I start SteamVR and SlimeVR Server?

​SlimeVR Server needs to be started before SteamVR.

My phone isn’t connecting to the server

​Check that the IP is correct.

You can input as IP to owoTrack Android app

To check your IP address, you can open the Powershell window or Command Prompt window (cmd.exe) and execute ipconfig command and get your PC IPv4 address field - for example and put it in owoTrack app.

I have an iPhone and it disconnects after 10 minutes

Apple has restrictions on apps for networking in background. The workaround for this is currently being investigated.

To workaround this:

  1. Enable Guided Access. You can find this setting in Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access.
  2. Disable screen auto-lock. To do this, go to Settings > Display & Brightness, tap Auto-Lock and set it to Never.
  3. Start owoTrack app.
  4. Turn down the screen brightness completely to save battery.

Virtual trackers on SteamVR are grayed out

This is expected behavior, check if trackers present in VR.

Other issues

You may also need to set correct firewall settings for owoTrack to work correctly. Download firewall.bat, move it to a directory without spaces or symbols in its name and run the bat file as administrator.

Created by adigyran#1121 with help of MightyGood#1341, edited and styled by CalliePepper#0666 and Emojikage#3095