SlimeTora is a program that connects the HaritoraX trackers to the SlimeVR server so you can use them as SlimeVR trackers, coming with additional features such as per-tracker settings.

Screenshot of the app's main section showing the status and amount of trackers connected (6 trackers)


More details on setting up the software can be found on SlimeTora's Getting Started wiki page:

SlimeTora setup

Your trackers must be paired/connected via the HaritoraConfigurator at least once to work. This is also done to make sure there are no issues with the trackers connecting to the PC in general.

  • Download the latest release of SlimeTora and run the program
  • Select the connection mode you want to use to connect to your trackers (Bluetooth/GX(6/2))
    • These two modes can also be used at the same time (e.g. GX6+BT for elbows)
  • (GX(6/2) dongles) Select up to 4 COM ports that your trackers are on (3 if using GX6, 4 if using GX6+GX2)
  • Change the other global settings to your liking (see this)
  • Turn on your trackers and press Start connection
  • Continue to SlimeVR setup

SlimeVR setup

  • Download and install SlimeVR and go through the initial setup:
    • Skip the Input Wi-Fi credentials screen by pressing Skip Wi-Fi settings
    • Press I put stickers and straps!
    • Assign the trackers to your body (shake to identify the trackers)
    • (IMPORTANT) Perform Automatic Mounting to calibrate the mounting positions
    • Choose a proportion calibration method (automatic/manual)
  • (IMPORTANT) Open SlimeVR settings and disable knees under SteamVR trackers
    • This fixes weird tracking issues, especially when sitting/laying
    • Also, this does not make knee trackers useless as they are still used in SlimeVR's skeleton for tracking


For the full troubleshooting and FAQ pages, check out the SlimeTora wiki:

Some of my trackers aren't connecting to SlimeTora!

The most common fix for this is to open the HaritoraConfigurator software and make sure they are paired/can connect to the trackers before connecting via SlimeTora again.

My legs are going backwards!

Make sure you have done Automatic mounting calibration in SlimeVR server. Manual mounting calibration does not seem to work well for these trackers.

My lower-body tracking is weird/off, especially when sitting/laying!

Make sure you have disabled the knees in SlimeVR's settings, under SteamVR Trackers.

My trackers are not aligned correctly to my body!

Make sure you've done the Body proportions calibration correctly, either manually or automatically, and also make sure you have done Automatic mounting calibration, NOT manual. You can also change FBT settings in the game you are running (e.g. VRChat's Legacy calibration) or change the positions of the trackers physically.

If running VRChat, there are some recommended settings for it here.

Written by JovannMC, software developed by BracketProto & JovannMC