VRChat Configuration

For optimal usage with VRChat, it is recommend to configure the settings as described by this guide.

Text guide

  • Under "Tracking & IK" on the big settings menu
    • Set "User Real Height" to your height.
    • Toggle "Use Legacy IK Solving" off.
    • Toggle "Disable Shoulder Tracking" on.
    • (Recommended) Toggle "Display Calibration Visuals" on.
    • (For small avatars) Set "Calibration Range" to 0.20m.
    • (Optional) Set "FBT Tracker Model" to "Axis".
  • Under "Tracking & IK" on the small settings menu (wrist menu)
    • (Recommended) Set the "Avatar Measurement" scaling mode to "Height:".
    • (Recommended) Set "FBT Spine Mode" to "Lock Hip" or "Lock Head".

Visual guide

VRChat Settings