Getting the required files

SlimeVR Server

You can download the latest required slimevr.jar file from this link:


You can download the latest required GUI from here:

1. Open the latest workflow run

Click on the title of the latest workflow run, this is simply an example and the exact one at the top will change.

2. Download the desired artifact

Once you have the workflow run open, you can find a list of built artifacts. The simplest to use is the AppImage build since it includes all required dependencies and can be run very easily.

3. Extract the GUI AppImage/Deb

Once you have the file downloaded (ex., extract it to get a file like slimevr-ui_0.0.0_amd64.AppImage.


The simplest way to do this is to download a portable Java JRE.

1. Download Java 17 JRE archive

You can press this button to download the latest Adoptium JRE archive directly:

Or you can download it yourself from the releases page here:

2. Extract and rename

  1. Extract the downloaded archive (ex. OpenJDK17U-jre_x64_linux_hotspot_17.0.5_8.tar.gz) to get a folder named something like jdk-17.0.5+8-jre.
  2. Rename the extracted folder (ex. jdk-17.0.5+8-jre) to jre, such that the directory structure looks something like /jre/bin/java.

Setting up the install folder

To most easily use the program, you'll need to have things structured in a specific way.

  1. Make a new folder to contain your installation, name it whatever you want (ex. SlimeVR Server).
  2. Place the SlimeVR Server, SlimeVR GUI, and Java JRE components you downloaded into the folder you made

Example of the final directory structure:

/SlimeVR Server/
    |- /jre/bin/java
    |- /slimevr.jar
    |- /slimevr-ui_0.0.0_amd64.AppImage

Running the program

Once everything is all set up, all you need to do to run it is execute the AppImage and it should run everything else on its own.

Note: Only tested on Debian and Ubuntu, if you use Arch please ping Bagel#6705 in the SlimeVR Discord server.

Created by Butterscotch!#2066