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L,i,me by Loler920a

L,i,me is a case and hardware variant of the standard slime aimed to natively support a full 9 IMU setup (with work currently be done on an optional addon to allow 4 more IMUs) while being as streamlined as possible with no degredation to performance.

Who is this for?

  • L,i,me is for those who wish to streamline their current standard slime setup by easily converting into a L,i,me.
  • For those who want to make a full no compromise 9 IMU setup from the start (with the option to add an extra 4 more IMUs for shoulder and elbow tracking).
  • People on a tight budget but want a performant full 9 IMU setup (with the option to add shoulder and elbow tracking in the future).
  • Those who intend to use slimevr for mocap and vtubing.

Why choose L,i,me?

  • Unlike the standard set up that is limited to 2 IMUs per tracker, each L,i,me tracker supports 4 IMUs (without any software modification). Due to this you only need to make 3 L,i,me trackers instead of 6 typical slime trackers for a full 9 IMU setup.
  • Less parts required, making L,i,me the cheapest full 9 IMU setup (as well as 13 IMU setup with optional addon).
  • Aimed at providing the best stable tracking with comfort and full maneuverability due to being less bulky overall (less main trackers).
  • Only need to charge and maintain 3 trackers (4 if you include the optional addon).
  • Modular and customisable.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Future octoslime support (double battery life).

Doing more with less

  • Fewer trackers.
  • Fewer parts.
  • Lower costs.
  • Less building.
  • Less maintaining.
  • Less units to charge.
  • More SLIME!

You can access more information and get the latest L,i,me updates on the github repo.


Can I use this with other standard slime trackers?

Yes, there should be no conflicts with any combinations.

This is my first time soldering or doing DIY with electronics, is this ok for me to build?

If you have confidence that you can or are happy to learn to splice cables cables together, you should be good. While cable splicing is the toughest part of Slime trackers, you will be required to do more of it when constructing a L,i,me.

Can I convert my standard slimes into L,i,mes

Yes, the original build was made through this process. You may want to change the battery and switch.

I don’t have enough IMUs can I add them later?

Yes you can in fact start off at minimum 6 IMUs and add the other IMUs later. Please be sure to plan ahead.

When will the elbow and shoulder tracking addon be available?

This is currently in testing.

When will the Neck tracking addon be available?

Neck tracking is a planned future addon.

Can I lie down, roll or whatever on the tracker and its extensions?

Sure go ahead, you will find nothing will prevent you from doing so.

The IMU I want to use is not listed what do I do?

You can contact me (@Loler920a-Frank#2590) on the slimevr discord and ask me to model the 3D files for you.

I have an issue

You can ask on the slimevr discord for help contact me (@Loler920a-Frank#2590).

Where is the L,i,me software?

There is none, L,i,me is a hardware solution that works within the Slime ecosystem.

What are the octoslime files?

WIP models to support octoslime. These are currently only for show, although are technically usable.

Created by @Smeltie#1999 & @Loler920a-Frank#2590