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Tracker schematics

Wemos D1 Mini

  • IMU
    • - Good but expensive $$$.
    • - Cheap but drifts quite a bit.
  • - Allows for a second motion sensor to be connected.
  • - The device is able to sense the battery life remaining using a 180k resistor.
  • - Allows for usage even when charging, and is a useful safety measure.
Label GPIO Input Output Description
A0 ADC0 Analog Input No For analog input from 0 to 3.3v and no output.
RX GPIO3 Yes RX pin only High at Boot.
TX GPIO1 Tx pin only Yes High at Boot.
D0 GPIO16 No interrupt No I2C, PWM Used to wake up chip from deep sleep, High at Boot.
D1 GPIO5 Yes Yes Often used as SCL
D2 GPIO4 Yes Yes Often used as SDA
D3 GPIO0 Pulled up Yes Connected to Flash button
D4 GPIO2 Pulled up Yes Connected to built-in LED, High at Boot.
D5 GPIO14 Yes Yes SCLK pin for SPI interface
D6 GPIO12 Yes Yes MISO pin for SPI interface
D7 GPIO13 Yes Yes MOSI pin for SPI interface
D8 GPIO15 Pulled to ground Yes CS pin for SPI interface

Code put together by Carl (, with images made by Lune#0241 thanks to the help of the whole DIY community. Doc page integration by Emojikage#3095